About me

About me

7th Annual Social Responsibility Forum - Shared ImpACT 

23 - 24 November 2012 -
 IE Business School - Madrid - SPAIN

It is an honor and a great privilege to have been invited as one of the speakers to the SRF Forum. 

Next 23 -24 November, high impact people related to IE (innovative entrepreneurial institution) will be working on the Shared ImpACT issue, which is my every day challenge since 2002 (or even before, but I was not conscious about it then). 
Because I am convinced that few things can be done on an individual basis, when I was asked to submit my answer to  WHAT DOES SHARED IMPACT MEANS TO ME....  I thought it throughly and arrived to this explanation:

"Shared impact is rooted in empathy. The true understanding and internalization of others disadvantages, others dreams, others projects is the first step to begin any collaborative movement to achieve a higher good.  
In this complex world very little can be achieved individually. Paradoxically, the things that make us humans feel good and stable are alike, regardless the culture, social or economic status. 
The collective WE - you and me, we and others -  together working from a shared beginning, sharing the process thus sharing the impact makes a sustainable difference. That is our challenge: empathy, knowledge and skills as collective instruments to achieve an agreed impact, and responsibly share its results."

Looking foward to sharing 2 great days with changemakers, opinion leaders, students and professors. We will sure impact together!