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About me

October 15th 2012 - BLOG ACTION DAY ! 

What does the power of WE means to you?

October 4 Class reunion – 25th  anniversary of Secondary School Graduation

What was intended as a formal meeting of an hour and a half - ex alumni Mass and Cocktail - turned out to be one of the most magical moments of my life. Not only because it took  the whole previous week - and believe me it will last for more - but because the power of WE was alive in the hearts and souls of my 80 promotion mates. 

I left school in 1987, on a torrid December (yes I live in the southern hemisphere, snowless Christmas) full of dreams, trips, jobs and loves waiting outside our - oh so grey-  school. Amazing life was around the corner.  I can still sense the freedom I experienced as soon as I took my first step out of school: no more navy blue uniform, no more pony tails for me. I would dress every day the way I wanted and my hair would be breathing to the wind (just as messy as it is today). 

University days, firsts jobs, lots of trips, fiancé, wedding, own family, raising children, increasing commitments. During the last quarter of a century, life was hectic and productive for me. Though I was always in close contact with a bunch of dear school friends - MY FRIENDS - I was totally unaware of the life and destiny of the rest of my 1987 graduate companions. A strange and selfish combination of "I don't care much" and "I have no time to search for them" And I bet that was an ordinary thought among us.

There is good news about becoming older, and it is that certain wisdom comes with maturity. My early forties found me in a reflective mode, searching for the real value in me and in others. My family life and my work are gradually teaching me that I am no heroine at all, and that I need others to make any change happen. In this complex world few things can be done in total isolation, to achieve impact we should rely in others peek and insights. 
A simple human equation: ME + OTHERS = WE.

Back to my 25th  graduation anniversary episode, there was one valuable soul that broke the ice with a straight to the point email to all 1987 classmates “Would you like to share some lines about how was your life since we left school?” As plain as that.  Tons of mails started to overflow my screen and my heart during the previous week to our “formal and distant “ encounter. 

The moment we finally met, that unforgettable Thursday, October 4, bridges to each others´ souls had been knitted carefully and with respect, enabling us to look  right to the eyes and express our gratitude, wordless “I care for you, and I know you care for me”.

It was one of the most tangible way of WE experience I had experienced in years. From now on, these amazing women will not be those anonymous companions: they have became flesh and soul mates to me. I can count on them as well as they can count on me. We know for sure we all are at keystroke distance, and very close to our hearts.

Life goes on, and will become as hectic as before, I am no naïf. But I got this great sensation of recovering a funding WE of my story, and I am ready to bring this amazing women on board of my journey from now on. 
Gratitude to life´s second chances!