About me

About me

Una  colaboración entre sectores origina el modelo social Empleo con Apoyo para personas con discapacidad intelectual -  EcA DISCAR

Mis publicaciones y ponencia sobre el tema:

EUSE :  European Union of Supported Employment, founded in 1993, to build an inclusive Europe through supported employment.

Supported Employment: providing support to people with disabilities or other disadvantage groups to secure and mantain paid employment in the open labour market.

The Process

Given these definitions, in October 2012 I was invited to submit an abstract on supported employment to the committee responsible for the organization of the 11th EUSE Conference.

What I definitely wanted to share in Europe was an oustanding sustainable  collaboration I have been assisting since 2002: the  McDonald´s - DISCAR alliance 

A collaboration between a social entrepreneur (Mrs Victoria Shocrón) and a business entreprenuer (Mr Woods Staton), that is celebrating 2 decades this year. 

A totally unusual alliance: 
  • from a developing Latin American country
  • initiated during the nineties in Argentina
  • cross gender collaboration
  • cross professional collaboration
  • cross sector collaboration

I was thrilled by the opportunity to write and present my work as a social impact consultant. 

So I submitted the abstract, and fortunately I was invited to write a paper and present it at the prestigious 11th EUSE Conference, in Dublin, June 11 - 13 th 2013

Writing about my work is a privilege. I enjoyed the process of harvesting the data, making the interviews, taking the pictures, and sitting down at my home office to write and write and write... an enormous gift for me. 

Read more about this inspiring collaboration and its pictures here

At the 11th EUSE Conference - Dublin, Ireland -  11 - 13th June 2013 

We spent 3 days reflecting with colleagues from 19 european countries on supported employment. 

We shared experiences and discussed on best practices, government and companies participation, various legislations, and the future of supported employment in Europe and in Latin America.

Mrs Victoria Shocrón and I presented the alliance in the Broadering the Reach Segment - couldn´t think of a better name for it! 

Being the event hosted by the wonderful Irish communtity, we also had fun, laughed, danced and, with gratitude and joy, we reassured our committment to be changemakers for a more inclusive world