About me

About me
@ ci2i global we have a cumulative experience of over 100 years in facilitating social change in global contexts!
Days ago, in our weekly call, we reached this awesome conclusion: we are 6 women with a cumulative experience of + 100 years, combined knowedge in facilitating social change in international contexts. 
More than that, we live and work on 3 continents now, but we have lived and worked on all continents!
What is that experience we are talking about? 
Christina, Bonnie, Jean, Cheryl, Christelle and me work on how to assess what matters and what works, how to collaborate, how to work internationally.
Each of us sharing knowldge and experience in areas which we have explored individually with some successes, with different partners, and leading social organizations around the globe.
How was ci2i global borned?
A year ago, we decieded to explore and experiment new ideas and concepts to equip today´s changemakers to tackle the challenging new questions that face us.

We nurture collaborative changemaker expertise to accelerate local and global social change and to amplify collective innovation and impact.
Since June 2011 we have designed and implemented the best alternatives to facilitate social change in global contexts.
Last January, in Brussels, we developed #we_b: a co creation experience sharing a day with 22 changemakers from 4 continents.

We will host a 2nd workshop #we_b2, a two days lab next month. And we have a plan for some e-books and other knowledge sharing to come.

Are you looking for new ways to:
a - Break through some big challenges that have been baffling you?
b - Explore new ideas in a collaborative, cross-cultural context?
c - Push your thinking?
d -  Expand your own impact?
Join our #we_b2 in June 16 & 17 at Brussels  http://ci2iglobal.com/x/we_b2.html 

Just like every other project, ci2i global started as a dream 
and is now  an institute where collective impact and innovations occur. 

We invite you to co create with us, please registrate at  
to be part of #we_b2 in a month. 
Stay tunned for more ci2i global news!