About me

About me
El honor y la responsabilidad de ser parte del colectivo de escritores de:

Misión Inclusión 
historias y prácticas para construir el mundo de todos

Mission Inclusion 
Stories and Practices of building ​a world where all belong

By mid 2016  I was  invited  to join the Writer´s Collective team for The Fifth Barefoot Guide  (BFG) MISSION INCLUSION - Stories and Practices of building ​a world where all belong. 

What a joy! What a pride!

Ever since I met Doug Reeler (BFG founder)  I have been a great fan their work. BFG team thrives to enable social change practitioners and leaders across the globe to more collaboratively use their experience and collective intelligence to initiate and support effective change practices to contribute to a freer, more just, equitable and sustainable world 

So now I am a fan AND a writer collaborator for the Fifth BFG MISSION INCLUSION - Stories and Practices of building ​a world where all belong

"As Barefoot Guide writers, we wished to take a look at what people have done and what they are doing now to change things. We hope that by reading stories of change, success and failure, and by asking questions and seeking to understand, we and other practitioners can gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be inclusive in our practice and work alongside those who are excluded in bringing about change. We believe we can all start to address exclusion right now"

My heart bursted with excitment all through the Writer´s Collective process
Going through years and years of  my studies, papers and stories about people with intelectual disabilities and selecting  the ones that  best fitted with the amazing editor Lucia Nass was a blessing experience. We proved to be two committed women  challeging our breath taking time zones: Lucia in Nepal and I in Argentina !

I can still feel the thrill when last October 3rd (yes, on my birthday!) I received the Guide: all five chapters, filled with real stories, insights, grounded theories, ideas, poetry and all beautifully illustrated by 7 illustrators from around the world...

Please join my joy, and download freely with a click on

My contribution to BFG Mission Inclusion
  • PERSONAL STORY 1 Anita gets lost, Alejandra does not  - page VII
  • Co-creating: dancing, acting and the fast-food business - pages 115 to 121 - incluiding the story Five Bags - Five Jobs on page 116