About me

About me
You need more than words to share your inside

EMPATHYLES activity has been designed to facilitate and nurture the way into eachself.

I encourge the use of creative materials to express the state of a certain moment, a state of mind/ heart, feelings without the tradicional wording. 

Words come out from a different depth, meanful and powerful when letting go creativity in you.

And sometimes no words are needed, just the sharing of creations and the mosaic of them speak for themselves.

I created EMPATHYLES as a personal search, and I been working with it in different and diverse groups

You can read more about its origin EMPATHYLES a journey to oneself, a journey to others - 

Empathyling in Brussels - June 2012
some pictures of the inspiring work done with ci2i global team and a focus group at ci2i global gathering last June