About me

About me
Means & Ends - Collaboration & Impact
A dear colleague introduced me to the Pollyanna Principles. Simple, clear, worth sharing that triggered my thinking about the subject I am devoted these days to: achieving impact at scale through collaborations.
I will come with more thoughts soon, in the meantime let´s grasp these principles

The Ends
# 1
We accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for.
# 2
Each and every one of us is creating the future, every day, whether we do so consciously or not.
The Means
# 3
Everyone and everything is interconnected and interdependent, whether we acknowledge that or not.
# 4
“Being the change we want to see” means walking the talk of our values.
# 5
Strength builds upon our strengths, not our weaknesses.
# 6
Individuals will go where systems lead them.

More http://pollyannaprinciples.org/info/the-principles/